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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following notes carefully and for any reason, you do not understand please feel free to discuss any of the below points with your instructor.

Lesson Fees

All prices will be cited at the time of booking.


All lessons payments may be made by cash, PayPal or BACS


When purchasing a block booking, if the pupil has a break in their lessons for more than 3 months, then the remainder of the block paid lessons will expire and the fee will be lost.


You should declare any penalty points, convictions or disqualifications to your driving instructor before you start your lesson.


48 hours notice must be given if you are unable to keep the lesson booked otherwise the full lesson fee will be payable.

  • If cancellations persist you may be required to prepay for lessons when booking any future tuition.

  • If a pupil changes lessons on numerous occasions other than the agreed times, this may prompt the instructor to stop pre-booking lessons with the pupil.


Pick up and drop off for lessons

To ensure that communication channels are in place, please ensure that we are aware of your current mobile and landline numbers. 


We will contact you if we are going to be later than 5 minutes for your driving lesson. The time lost will be added to the end of the lesson if possible, or added to another lesson at a later date. If you are late for your lesson, then that time will be lost.


Once an agreed start and finish address are confirmed it cannot be changed. If you then request a change of address then the lesson may be shorted to cover the extra travelling cost.

Test Dates

All practical tests must be confirmed with your instructor prior to booking the test. The pupil must confirm in writing i.e. via a text message once the practical test is booked with the exact date and time. It is the pupil’s responsibility to bring all the correct documentation for the test day.

Use of car for a test


Berkshire School of Motoring has the right to stop lessons or for the pupil not to use the car for their test in the following cases;

  • If the pupils driving is below the driving test standard.

  • If the pupil frequently cancels lessons for any reason and does not take the required lessons needed and will not meet the test standard prior to their test.

  • If you’re driving instructor had been negatively affected by the cancellation of lessons for whatever reason.

  • If the pupils are under the influence of any drugs including medical drugs prescribed by a doctor.

  • If the pupils are under the influence of alcohol.

  • If the pupils are at all unwell and this would impair their driving in any way.

  • If any outstanding lessons are not paid for.


Lesson and Test Cancelations

Whilst every care is taken to ensure that pupils receive the appropriate training at the time as booked, we cannot be held responsible for the postponement of training due to adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown, illness of instructor or any other cause. Neither can we be responsible for driving test appointments postponed by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency.

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